INNOVA is a new model of a company with high technological/IT value, which started out in the aerospace field and is committed to the development of applications related to the control and monitoring of the region.

It was established in Matera in 1989 as a supplier and partner of the spatial geodesy centre of the city. In recent years it has created software and application systems for remote sensing technologies, the processing of satellite images acquired with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) used in the civil and military field.

The highly advanced INNOVAMBIENTE® information system for the management, control and measurement of each phase of the waste collection and disposal cycle originated from this wealth of skills and successful experiences.

A system that has already been successfully adopted by municipalities, companies and management bodies throughout Italy.

Our mission is to offer each customer effective IT systems and services, guaranteeing users the points-pricing of their disposals.

Our added value consists in offering the management of all processes in a single solution: from the start-up of the service to the operation throughout the duration of the service assigned to us


ISO 9001:2015
Quality management system

ISO 27001:2013
Information Security Management System extended to ISO / IEC 27017 and ISO / IEC 27018 controls

ISO 22301:2012
Business Continuity Management System

Innovative solutions for the


A world without waste is possible thanks to the collaboration between citizens, organisations and service providers. A world with zero waste is a conscious and courageous world, where digital solutions join hands with individual daily commitment.