Computerising the context


Planning service and measuring consignments,
making an efficient management of the start up.



Computerising the context
Planning service and measuring consignments, making an efficient management of the start up

Computerising the context
Planning service and measuring consignments,
making an efficient management of the start up

Registration of users
and kit distribution


Start Up Go is the App that allows optimal organisation of the Start Up, the most delicate phase for guaranteeing a successful Separate Collection project and for achieving set goals.

It performs all the activities required and aimed at constructing a database, a reference for optimising the supply of material to users and efficiently manage distribution.


The Start Up Go App provides fast, precise management of the user container distribution stage. It is optimised to manage the association between container ID code (RFID, Barcode),whether it is a bin, wheeled bin or bag, and the user. It can associated Containers with Users in two ways, door to door, or collection at an Eco-Point, thanks to it being installed on a tablet with a large display, and integrated RFID reader and barcode reader. Allows:

  • Enter a new user on the system (data/photo ID documents);
  • Search for a TARI user using the barcode on national health system card;
  • Link the containers to the user by immediate RFID reading;
  • Obtains user’s digital signature.

All data regarding the kit distribution stage are sent in real time and can be see on the Operating Centre’s web service, including tables and graphs, and representation on a map.


An important process as it allows the database to be updated and consolidated. The Start Up Go App is the ideal tool for a user audit. Installed on a mobile device and with its simple, intuitive interface, it:

  • verifies and corrects user data;
  • acquires the user’s GPS position;
  • specifies the type of containers recommended for the user;
  • links a user to a condominium;
  • acquires an image and takes note;
  • enter new user data.

Each user is given a status that makes it possible to track and manage users that aren’t found or opponents. It is possible to consult all the acquired data, with tables, graphs and map and the option to export the data into the desired format, using the Operating Centre’s web service. The audit becomes a useful tool for sizing the supply of containers for the users.


This function allows the simulation of the collection service, checks the route and dimensions it in terms of time and number of containers emptied. It is possible to track single pick ups or a set of pick ups, spaced by a certain number of seconds. The total time which decreases can be seen on a counter. The tablet tracks your movement via continuous GPS position detection. Pick up registrations always have date/time and GPS position.

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Web service management via App,
freephone number and On Demand


Fully usable via the web, designed to manage and update the content of the informative, interactive App used by the citizens easily and dynamically.

It improves the freephone number in managing requests from users and also provides for automated, optimised scheduling of On Demand pick ups.


The Backoffice Service gathers reports or pick up requests, for example referring to bulky, WEEE, garden waste, using two methods:

  • fully automatically if request is from a citizen using the informative, interactive App “Raccolta Comune”;
  • by entering the data in the simple, intuitive web interface.

The logging includes all the user data and details of the request, including any photos attached. The freephone number operator that receives the report can provide immediate feedback via a notification that can be seen on the App or via email. If a pick up is requested, it is possible to link it to a data on the calendar, in order to create a daily pick up service plan. The plan is detailed and can be exported to a printable format.


The Back Office web system, using a simple, intuitive web interface, allows you to:

  • keep the information on the App, used by the citizens, constantly updated, including the collection calendar, the consignment guide, the waste dictionary, Collection Centre information, possible types of reports, possible types of home pick up, information about the freephone number;
  • send communications to users via personalised push notifications.

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The On Demand service management is integrated, allowing:

  • a definition of the operating scenario, specifying the vehicles to be used in the service, the fractions to be collected, the collection zones and possibly the calendar;
  • the pick up requests from the user, which automatically reach the system via the “Raccolta Comune” App, or that are entered by the freephone number operators;
  • the generation of a list of organised pick ups following optimised routes that can be sent to a mobile device on board the vehicle that has the On Demand App installed that provides assisted navigation;
  • tracking of all requests fulfilled for a final control.

On Demand collection services are managed in automated mode via an advanced software request processor that contains all the input data, including user geolocation data.