INNOVAMBIENTE® is the complete solution of all the hardware and software tools useful for recording the contributions made by users, both for door-to-door collection through the automatic identification of the container equipped with RFID tags or barcode, and during disposals made at the Collection Centre through reading the user identification card.

The technological solutions implemented are in line with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree for the Environment 20/04/2017, in force since 06/06/2017, which defines he Criteria for implementing the Points-Pricing Measurement Systems by Municipalities.

The data acquisition process includes the high-frequency detection of the GPS position of each vehicle in the fleet and the recording of the vehicle’s activity with the control of power take-offs, raising bins, compaction, discharges, brushes and street-washing bars.


The registration process of all the disposals made by the users during the door-to-door collection is of fundamental importance if the aim is to achieve a points-pricing system.

INNOVAMBIENTE® provides the tools for the acquisition of volumetric data in line with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree for the Environment 20/04/2017, as well as RFID reader in a portable version for ecological operators or installed on-board.

The portable RFID readers are used in continuous “hands free” mode during the nominal data acquisition that occurs naturally by approaching the tag.

The operator can provide the registration of the contribution of additional information, indicating for example a discrepancy or a wrong day of contribution. Data from readers can be downloaded wirelessly.


As is the case with door-to-door collection, the disposals made by the users at the Collection Centres are recorded and contribute to the definition of a user score relating to points-pricing or forms of recognition incentives.

CCR Plus is the INNOVAMBIENTE® solution for the complete computerisation of Municipal Collection Centres.

It is composed of a hardware component that consists of a POS interfaced to a scale and a software component that manages the registration phase of the disposal and production of the documentation required by law. CCR Plus therefore allows you to:

  • search for the user in the database by reading an identification card or a registry
  • trace the disposal made by the user, the type of waste and weight in line with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree for the Environment 20/04/2017
  • issue a receiptwith the details of the disposal
  • print the attachments 1A and 1B, the form and the register of loading and unloading
  • check the stock in the Centre


The INNOVAMBIENTE® fleet monitoring utilizes latest generation multi-control GPS devices.

The devices are easily installed on the vehicles thanks to the availability of digital I/O connectors that can be interfaced with power take-offs, container lifting mechanisms, compacting cycles, unloading, and street-washing brushes and bars in order to monitor these activities. The GPS position is acquired at high frequency, in the order of a few seconds, and is dynamically based on time, distance and angle of curvature.

This feature is very important because it allows the route of the vehicle to be traced in a detailed and accurate manner even in an urban context, typical of waste collection. Furthermore, it is also possible to interface with CANBUS data in order, for example, to monitor and control fuel consumption as well as all the parameters for a more complete fleet management. All data are transmitted in real time and can be consulted through the web site of the Control Centre with the aid of tables and graphs, as well as through representation on a map.



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