INNOVAMBIENTE® FLEET is fully accessible via the web through a dedicated website that allows access via authentication to data for waste collection and fleet control at Municipality level.

The software for the reception, management and processing of data transmitted by mobile devices resides in a Webfarm that takes care of and centralises the maintenance and security aspects.

The software is developed in line with the Ministerial Decree for the Environment 13/02/2014 which defines the Minimum Environmental Criteria for implementing the Urban Waste Management Service.

A single web platform that allows you to closely monitor all the phases that contribute to the waste collection project and to access with just a few clicks all the information regarding the collection service, from the user data to the door-to-door collection, from the deliveries to the Collection Centres with vehicle activity, via analytical and graphic presentation of the collection trends.


INNOVAMBIENTE® allows in real time and in a timely manner to verify all the data and processes relating to the collection of waste through tables, graphs and representations on a map.

The data is displayed on time windows chosen by the user and can be general or specific to the area and type of user (domestic, non-domestic, condominium).

The focus on door-to-door collection takes place through the analysis of:

  • disposals aggregated over a period chosen by type of user, with display of collection percentages by type of waste, number of deliveries and volumes
  • daily disposals in detailed table format and with representation on a map, showing all the disposals made by the users
  • operator activities in table format showing the number of registered disposals at operator level and the reports made

The focus on Collection Centres takes place through the analysis of:

  • daily disposals with display of all the disposals made by the users and, for non-domestic users, of the documentation produced
  • disposing with display of all the waste left at the Collection Centre and the documentation produced
  • stock with display of the list of waste present in the Collection Centre and time limits in the Centre.

The focus on the single user akes place through the analysis of all the disposals made both at home and at the Collection Centre and any reports that exist at their own expense. The data is displayed in graphical and table format and shows the performance of the disposals over time.

In the case of reports that exist on a user account, INNOVAMBIENTE® is able to send automatic alerts via email/sms to the service provider.


Thanks to the integration of Google Maps for Business, fleet control is simple and immediate. Just click to view the current position of each vehicle on the map or obtain an overview of the fleet with a map or satellite view.

Each icon that represents a vehicle can be customised in type and colour so as to receive immediate evidence of the distribution across the region of the various types of vehicle.

INNOVAMBIENTE® has a series of views and reports dedicated to the means that allow instant and detailed verification of the roads travelled, the stops made, the speed, the daily detail of the activity.

On the way or in analytical format it is possible to check where and when the power take-off was used, or where and when the vehicle unloaded, or where and when the brushes were activated and deactivated, then the roads actually swept or washed.

Numerous controls that can be activated through a simple installation of the GPS locator which has numerous digital inputs to control the use of the equipment on board.

INNOVAMBIENTE® allows you to define areas or points of interest directly on the map. The service provider can be automatically notified by e-mail/sms when a vehicle is entering or leaving an area or has reached a point of interest or even if a vehicle is set in motion in a rest time slot.


Analysis for optimising the service aimed at points- pricing


The Business Intelligence web service is completely accessible via web and allows defining the application criteria of the points pricing system through Business Intelligence analysis aimed at verifying user behaviour.

The system relates the behaviour of the users and the collection method implemented. This particular point allows the use of important indicators for the operator, such as the frequency of assignment of utilities with respect to the collection calendar, useful for the optimal calibration of the service.


The Business Intelligence web service is a useful tool for municipalities that adopt Point-Pricing (TARIP) systems in compliance with the provisions established by Ministerial Decree 20/04/2017 which defines the criteria for the implementation of precise measurement systems of contributed waste.

For the purposes of determining the rate to be paid by the citizens, this allows a completely innovative approach that aims at the assignment of a score to the individual users.

A dynamic approach that exceeds the classic measurement of the quantity of dry residual waste taking into account several variables and contributing to a final result that is highly consistent.


This innovative system allows to statistically verify the behaviour of the users, therefore to have an overview of the service performance, useful for identifying anomalous behaviours and for better definition of the service.

For the purposes of awarding scores, it is possible to include rewarding or penalising criteria for users such as disposals to Collection Centres and/or reports to be paid by users.

A practicable intelligent approach thanks to the fact that the INNOVAMBIENTE® platform is able to aggregate in a single instrument all the data relating to the disposals made by the users.

The methodology was included among the KAYT best practices (“know as you throw”, which evolves the concept of PAYT “pay as you throw”) at national level within the IFEL 2019 guide on pay as you throw (pages 156-160), published at the end of 2019 and presented at the XXXVI ANCI National Assembly in Arezzo.

The service was developed through the integration of the AddToBuild system in collaboration with the company Par-Tec S.p.A.



“Waste” is the module integrated into the “HeadQuarters” system. A tool designed to render the 24/7 monitoring and use of INNOVAMBIENTE even simpler and more effective. Touch technology and full integration collect in a single operations centre all the incoming data from the various sites managed in the territory. It is also possible to integrate all the data generated by the security systems in use on working sites and/or municipal territory (e.g. video surveillance, fire prevention, perimeter intrusion detection, video analysis, etc.).

A tool for every waste collection company’s personal operations centre, from which to control each of the work places and different municipalities where it operates. A simple touch of the screen with your fingertips to view and monitor the internal or external video surveillance systems.


The system can integrate advanced control of waste abandonment and optimizes the process with video cameras designed specifically for this purpose, able to read the license plate of stationary and moving vehicles in any situation, equipped with video technology analysis to drastically reduce the assessment time. The key word is “aggregate”: heterogeneous subsystems are combined and define a single process control system, without the need to make any changes to the systems in use. A simple, efficient, intuitive control centre model that optimizes controls. Ideal for municipal administrations and functional to the control of multi-municipality collection areas.

The service was developed through integration of the “HeadQuarters” system with the collaboration of Nivi Group S.p.A.


E-Killer is a mobile video surveillance system: autonomous, water resistant, camouflageable, composed of a single unit, capable of recording in Full HD (1080p) up to 60 consecutive hours in complete autonomy and without an external power supply. The compact dimensions and the camouflage possibility make the unit practically invisible and therefore extremely versatile. In the Wi-Fi/4G and Wi-Fi/4G/GPS versions it is possible to view live recordings remotely, via with a smartphone or via software with a PC. The “abandonment” mode allows viewing only the records indicated by the alarm. The product can be used in any environment, in any atmospheric condition, both day and night, and can be easily camouflaged.



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